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Mobile Pet Grooming Weston

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When you make an appointment with us your companion never leaves the view of your home or office in Weston! Your pets are not cooped up in a cage for hours. When our mobile pet grooming salon arrives at your Weston location, we start grooming right away.  Our mobile pet grooming Weston team take care of one pet family at a time, your family. Your pets will not be stressed by other pets. They relax in our climate control and sanitized mobile grooming salon.

No long hours waiting for your pet, and no lonely hours while your pet waits for you. When we finish, your companion is seconds away and ready for you. We are your mobile pet grooming service that specializes in gentle grooming and conveniently comes to your home or office in Weston. Mobile Grooming Honey Pets will come to your home and groom your pet right outside your door. Isn’t it truly wonderful that now you don’t have to leave your cat or dog at the grooming shop all day stuck in a cage?

Our professional Mobile Dog Grooming Service provides a professional, convenient, and affordable dog and cat grooming service. All of our pet groomers have been grooming for at least ten years and are very educated in the care and grooming of all pets. We bring mobile dog grooming services to your Weston location.

We use environmentally friendly products and have a highly organized professional approach to mobile dog and cat grooming. Our dog groomers are very experienced and trained in all breed cuts. They can do the simplest thing such, as a quick nail grinding to a full hand scissor. Our dog and cat grooming services include a premium shampoo and conditioner, we will towel dry the face and fluff dry the body. We will thoroughly clean the ears out, brush the teeth, file the nails back and express the anal glands upon request. Then proceed with either a light trim or a detailed haircut of your choice.

Your pet will never go in a cage or be exposed to any other pets. When we are done we will deliver them back to your doorstep looking beautiful and happy. We pride ourselves on our innovative pet mobile design with a heated hydro bath and our mobile pet grooming  services which assures a complete and comfortable grooming experience for each pet. Our fully equipped, state-of-the art mobile unit comes right to your home, housing a complete climate controlled facility, our own water and electricity, the same as a salon only it’s on wheels. You’ve been there, your pet gets a bath and instantly turns into a crazy marathon runner through the house, rubbing on the couch, the carpet, and walls happy as can be. Well here at Mobile Grooming Honey Pets, we experience that also and understand how important your pets are to you as we are pet parents too. We come to you at your home, on your schedule, and treat your pet to our luxurious multiple grooming services.

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