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Why Labrador Retriever puppies are so popular in Florida

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Labrador Retriever puppies are not only adorable, they are awesome family pets too. Labrador Retrievers are unique and clever, they are smart which make them incredible at work activities, with the appropriate training they are able to do incredible things. They are really easy to train and that is why they are preferred for most families in Florida, but also Labrador retrievers are great service dogs for disabled people who can rely on them 100%.

Although a Labrador Retriever is quite an independent and powerful dog, they love company and discipline. At Honey Pets we strongly recommend working on routines with your puppy as early as you can, you can start teaching them to walk by your side, and never behind or in front of you. Constantly turn your puppy in the opposite direction when he begins to pull on the leash, returning to your initial course only if he has calmed down all the way. By doing this, your puppy will respect you as the leader.

All little puppies bite as a game, you will want to correct them from the very beginning to avoid the same behavior when they are already adult dogs, allow them to bite the proper things. A typical style here (also in all canine training) will be to gently correct undesirable behavior. Do not hit them or raise your voice at your puppy.

When thinking of adopting a Labrador Retriever Bathroom training is very essential. The ultimate technique to achieve success quickly is to set a regular program whenever you are thinking of taking your puppy outside. At the beginning you will need to take your puppy outside several times during the day, using only one fast command, like “go potty”, is basically the easiest way to start. Increasing the time intervals will ultimately take you to the perfect amount of outside visits.

Although Labrador retrievers are a medium size breed, grooming them is relatively simple, they must have regular brushing to maintain the hair clean and healthy and you can schedule professional grooming on a basic schedule to maintain their nails, ears, teeth, etc. Professional grooming also is important to have your Labrador Retriever check for parasites or any other issue. If you don’t have enough time to take your Labrador Retriever to a  pet spa, you can schedule an appointment with a Mobile Pet Grooming provider, as Honey Pets. We operate 4 mobile spa’s fully equipped to pamper your beloved dog curbside!

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